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  • C3_FYGC3_FYG | 0 Likes

    The PS4 squad handles their business!!

  • NikesaintsNikesaints | 0 Likes

    Yo I love this series not gonna lie I've only been here watching you since late in Madden 15 but I've watched almost every vid on both channels keep up the good work I can relate to the no money spent that's why I love this series

  • vilkkis | 1 Like

    Dang, I enjoy this bugdet squad more than the youtube-series with beastyboys. Guess I can relate more to the no money spent -grind.

  • infectedarceusinfectedarceus | 1 Like

    When Juice slowly turned around after hearing "hands on cheeks"

  • Hmetz544 | 0 Likes

    Good stuff, nice vid

  • JJISABOSS22 | 0 Likes

    That boy better check his ankles

  • nc69chicanonc69chicano | 0 Likes

    Beasley an underrated beast though

  • Marloni_BoloniMarloni_Boloni | 0 Likes

    That title doe!.!.

  • FrobeDaGoatFrobeDaGoat | 0 Likes

    Great vid love the series

  • LongHareDntCar3LongHareDntCar3 | 0 Likes

    Do the TOTY solos (only like 10) because they give you a free TOTY elite player! I never do solos, but I did these lol