MAN IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! - NBA 2K17 MyPark Gameplay

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  • ZachhorvitzZachhorvitz | 1 Like

    Trent's the best player on the team fluff anyone who disagrees

  • DotaroniDotaroni | 0 Likes

    Mav no

  • Diggy307Diggy307 | 0 Likes

    you guys need to grind mycareer get those hof badges and take better angles on defense badges= Dubs

  • hassmcbuckets | 0 Likes

    add me on xbox 1 hassmcbuckets

  • Jcool_14Jcool_14 | 0 Likes

    Hey. Im not the best but im pretty good though. Anybody tryna Add me on ps4. J_C_O_O_L_1_2.

  • BridgeBootyjudy | 0 Likes

    people keep talkin bout the team grade but team grade is broken.

    im tellin you mav from the outside looking in if trent would react quicker with his passes and shoot off the catch and shoot badge, you guys would be better off. teach that boy how to play for assists first man

  • BridgeBootyjudy | 0 Likes

    yo trents a liability bro. he needs to understand that pass vision and timing is huge.

  • Skins_Allday2017 | 0 Likes

    play me and my friends tomorrow plz

  • Acetrajic | 0 Likes

    Guys hold lt when you play defense if you havent it locks on the player so that you wont have to do alot of running around trying to keep up

  • Ozzie1024Ozzie1024 | 0 Likes

    Mav has all the points cuz he's the only one who shoots lololol

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