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  • PastyPasty | 0 Likes

    Just made my account but been here for a minute. excitied to see where this is going!

  • iJamLegendiJamLegend | 0 Likes

    Love the Site Mav!

    Quick question, imma rookie Youtuber and just wanna know, what editing software do you use for editing your videos and making thumbnails? Really enjoying the work you've been doing, keep grinding! #G1GB

  • BoosieBoosie | 0 Likes

    Great vid Mav. Love the site.

  • ramzeeramzee | 0 Likes

    This is a good example of how mut can really suck.

  • benz19benz19 | 0 Likes

    Great vid as always, love this site

  • JoshuaBJoshuaB | 0 Likes

    Appreciate the series man keep up the good work. #BlessedUp

  • ImSoFxmousImSoFxmous | 0 Likes

    Love this series Mav, it actually helps me with my team and I've been using MUT Head a lot now because of you.

  • sam_amegatse5sam_amegatse5 | 0 Likes

    Yo mav could you do a budget 2kteam i think that might help me

    • imav3riqimav3riq (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

      I'm nowhere good enough to do a budget team on 2K lol

  • LongHareDntCar3LongHareDntCar3 | 2 Likes

    Keep pumping out everything MUT related Mav we appreciate it!

    • imav3riqimav3riq (Ninja for 0 Months) | 1 Like

      Thanks man! Appreciate you checking the site out.

  • Boss RossBoss Ross | 1 Like

    Keep it up Mav! I have a budget team of pretty much base elites, and my scheme is good enough (thanks to you obviously) to beat some of those crazy teams!

    • imav3riqimav3riq (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

      Ayyye! That's whats up man, glad i could help out.