THE PERFECT RECORD IS ON THE LINE! - MUT Wars Ep.37 | Madden 17 Ultimate Team

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  • Alpha MaleAlpha Male | 0 Likes

    Juice you need to invest in your corners, they aren't getting burnt or anything but your uses wont be good forever and your pressure is to slow. Corners can't hold forever but in a situation like this better corners like Rod Woodson, Dion Sanders and Sherman will hold for longer(NORMAN ISN'T FAST ENOUGH AND GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP UP WITH "TRENT'S" RECEIVERS. Also try to get Ryan Shazier he would probably help you the most, and then move to replacing Zack Brown he makes no plays, you could get a Luke Kuecly, he would probably do more than Brown.

    • Alpha MaleAlpha Male | 0 Likes

      I feel like Mav isn't right when he says you don't need to make any adjustments, because everyone is fine except for that middle line backing core( Miller is okay but if you want to change, make him last because he isn't a problem but he doesn't cover enough. And with Trent getting perks like this game you need a dependable line backer

  • Alpha MaleAlpha Male | 0 Likes

    Bro one of these day's Dion needs to put Krause up, Trent's star safety just to spice things up. Or maybe they should go back on draft champs play and whoever wins they should do a keep, trade or cut with the persons mut team( Trent or Juice choose three players and the loser chooses what to do with the players).