BALLIN' ON A BUDGET! - PS4 Auction House Series pt.3

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  • Rowan33 | 0 Likes

    You were filtering the price by Xbox prices, loved the vid though

  • MereshcaMereshca (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    Love these videos. Definitely got to get Trent to do the Gauntlet solos for next month 100k easy.

  • dpelkey33dpelkey33 | 0 Likes

    i love all this behind the scenes pack opening auction block stuff!

  • DmillerDmiller | 0 Likes

    love these vids

  • Boss RossBoss Ross | 0 Likes

    Love auction block/budget squad vids! Already mentioned, but make sure you filter for PS4 prices. XB1 is default on muthead.

  • riteshmanugulariteshmanugula | 0 Likes

    The Auction Block vids are the best keep em coming mav

  • jackkaplan11jackkaplan11 | 1 Like

    you need to filter it by ps4 prices instead of xbox

  • hooperd | 0 Likes

    Love the auction block vids

  • Carlitoway33Carlitoway33 (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    Keep it up