AHHH CRAP! ISSA SET UP! - Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough Pt.18

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Red Redemption Walkthrough Gameplay by @DionDoes

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  • blue_life | 0 Likes

    Dang they really set him up?

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii | 0 Likes

    My ninja called it all the way

  • tr0yb3lltr0yb3ll | 0 Likes

    this is right now, my favourite series you do. great job!

  • RomanpRomanp | 0 Likes

    So entertaining. Keep it up! G1GB

  • MereshcaMereshca (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    This is a such a good game

  • NateDoGGG804NateDoGGG804 | 0 Likes

    I love this game

  • GoatKingGoatKing | 0 Likes

    Once you get towards the end you should put it out daily. To be honest I only been watching these lately, and what you put up on YouTube.

  • brenden.mroczkabrenden.mroczka | 2 Likes

    i’m diggin this walkthrough man, it might be my favorite out of all the games you’ve ever posted on youtube

  • Mav3riqFan2324Mav3riqFan2324 | 1 Like

    First comment Let’s go also Mav the best at this game

    • Dohvid23Dohvid23 | -1 Likes

      I love mav but idk if I’d say he’s “the best” at this😂😂 most entertaining for sure tho but I think most of us watch for who he is more than just his skill lol