I DON'T TRUST THESE GUYS! - Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough Pt.17

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Red Redemption Walkthrough Gameplay by @DionDoes

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  • blue_life | 0 Likes

    What happen to his face cam?

  • Cipher | 0 Likes

    Red Dead is set in 1911, meaning that the telephone and the telegraph were both around although a lot of people didn't own a telephone. There's a scene later in the game were you see some people driving a motor car, I believe.

  • R1Racer121R1Racer121 | 0 Likes

    1865-1895 was the wild wild west period

  • jamarjamar (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    He said buenos dias. Why do I laugh at the random things?

  • nstarr3499nstarr3499 | 0 Likes

    Around the early 1800s

  • Jayveoncoleman | 0 Likes

    Mav you can loot there bodies for more money.

  • Jayveoncoleman | 0 Likes

    Mav you should change your football gaming channel picture you had it for a while.

  • DrowwsyyboiiiDrowwsyyboiii | 0 Likes

    That isnt the bandito outfit ninja😆

  • Mav3riqFan2324Mav3riqFan2324 | 0 Likes

    Mav love the series man keep it up G1GB

  • MereshcaMereshca (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    I see you Mav with the high level gameplay.

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