THE NASTIEST MAN IN HUMAN HISTORY! - Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough Pt.7

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Red Redemption Walkthrough Gameplay by @DionDoes

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  • Christianh88 | 0 Likes

    hey mav, the episode lenghts are good for me. but however you chose to do it, i will watch and support it. also is ther a way to like these videos or is me just watching the video the way to support them?

  • 787king.cruz787king.cruz | 0 Likes

    I know I'm late but I like the long walkthrough's. So like 30-40 minutes an episode sounds good.

  • KingGoat | 0 Likes

    30-40 is best. Its like an episode.

  • Eric Hoffart | 0 Likes

    30 minutes is good. Also the streaming on here idea sounds good.

  • Iceberg0394Iceberg0394 | 0 Likes

    That song was by B2K

  • Jared v | 0 Likes

    30 minutes!

  • BlacmanJenkinsBlacmanJenkins | 0 Likes

    20-30 minutes is good

  • Cardinals squadCardinals squad | 0 Likes

    I mav please keep doing red dead walk through I really love them.

  • colts88_blue | 1 Like

    30 minutes feels like a good length! Any shorter and I'm left wanting more, and any longer and it feels like a task.

  • OverlyDedicated | 0 Likes

    2 missions would be cool. Stop eating fast food completly and tell juice not to either. Itll save his cash and u wont be waking up all crazy. Use to work 18 hr shifts on a oil rig. My crew would sleep on site in a camper. We all ate healthy except for one younger cat. His body but worst his mind couldnt hack the job and it was because the crap he ate. You are what u eat...

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