THE ART OF KEEPING IT SIMPLE! (NYG Playbook) - Madden 18 Full Game Friday

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  • Th3 B3A5T | 0 Likes

    they are not haters thay are fans in denial

  • TeamJuiceTeamJuice | 0 Likes

    Where do you post PS4 (budget squad) gameplay?

  • RomanpRomanp | 0 Likes

    Your out routes be open every time

  • RomanpRomanp | 0 Likes

    You get a Blount and you do “things” with it!?! Lol jkjk

  • allyraeallyrae | 0 Likes

    Not gonna lie, I know nothing about Madden(I love NFL though), but I love watching these vids and I'll stay supporting.

  • TheGoat831 | 0 Likes

    You should make an app Mav #G1GB

    • RomanpRomanp | 0 Likes

      I think he is working on it

  • JBrasca1JBrasca1 | 0 Likes

    HB Wham is a pretty glitchy run this year. Cover 3 sky out of 4-3 or 3-4 stock, stops it usually.. the linebacker just shoots the gap.

  • BlacmanJenkinsBlacmanJenkins | 0 Likes

    This website is good luck, every time I watch one of these videos before a tournament we end up winning. Not a Coincidence..

  • JBrasca1JBrasca1 | 0 Likes

    nickel 335 wide sam blitz 3 (?) I think its the bottom play. base align, press, shift line right, crash line right, pinch LB, global zone LBs, global blitz right of screen LB, and hover with the MLB over the center/guard. It sounds like a lot but you can do it all while on the MLB bc they're all global adjustments

  • MrGeneral3131MrGeneral3131 (Ninja for 0 Months) | 0 Likes

    had to come over and check out how blount is doin for ya #G1GB

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